Zen Harmony Balance Fruit Rose Japanese Essential Fragrance Oils by Flaires 15ml

PN# L-202
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The Zen Essential Fragrance oil blend mixes various fruits and flowers to create a harmonious sensory experience. The first notes are citrus fruits. And the finish is roses and flowers. It is not over strong or floral. It opens up the senses and fills it with "pleasant-ness". I found myself breathing it in over and over because it is so pleasant.

Very high quality essential fragrance oil blend made in Spain by Flaires. Designed as fragrance oil to be mixed with creams, soaps, and oils.

  • 15ml glass bottle (0.5oz). PN L-202
  • Olfactory Family: fruity
  • Components: lemon, tangerine, petit grain, lychee, coriander, lily of the valley, gallic rose, damascas rose, musk, orange blossom.
  • Esoteric Use: meditation, personal harmony, balance.

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