Frog Cufflinks Enameled with Rhinestones, Assorted Colors

PN# 7832
  • $59.00 USD

Many cultures regard the frog as a symbol of life, good luck and resurrection. Because it lays quantities of eggs, it is a fertility symbol and was sacred to the frog-headed Heket, Egyptian goddess of birth. The frog symbolizes the flooding of the Nile. To the Celts, the frog was the lord of earth and represented the curative power of water.

  • These Enameled Frog Cufflinks are made from 24 Karat gold plate over pewter metal with enameled details and rhinestones in the frog eyes.
  • Measurements: 5/8 inch x 5/8 inch
  • Colors: green enamel (PN# 7832) or red and green enamel (PN# 7287)

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