Diana Artemis of Versailles Greek Roman Goddess Statue 13H

PN# TAL751_13AS-1
  • $89.00 USD

Bust of Diana Artemis Statue illustrates the classical goddess with head turned. She wears an ancient classical dress rendered with idealized fabric folds in the tradition of ancient sculpture styles. Bust is now in the Vatican Collection, sculpted by Leochares, 4th century BC.

Diana was the daughter of Jupiter, the Chief God and the twin sister of Apollo. Her mother, Latona, was one of Jupiter's paramours. When Diana was born her mother bore her painlessly, and then Diana helped her mother deliver Apollo, thus making Diana the Patroness of Childbirth. As a child Jupiter asked Diana what she like to have as gifts. She replied that she wanted eternal virginity (in the sense of always being true to her own nature), as many names as Apollo, a bow and arrow like Apollo's, the office of bringing light (guidance), and nine maidens.

  • Material: Made from fiberglass resin. Good for indoors or outdoors use.
  • Pictured in Antique Grey finish (white with gray wash). PN TAL751_13AS
  • Measures: Small 13 in H x 8 in W x 4.5 in D, 4 lbs.

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