Museumize:Slave Bust by Michelangelo 12.7H

Michelangelo Dying Slave Bust Statue 12.7H

PN# 6195
  • $95.00 USD

This Slave Bust is taken from a larger full-figure sculpture by Renaissance master Michelangelo now in the Louvre Museum. Originally intended as part of a colossal sculptural project for the tomb of Julius II, the Dying Slave (1513-1516) is only one of three statues ever completed. Michelangelo was pulled from the project several times during his career and put to work on other projects such as the Sistine Chapel. This Slave was planned as part of a series of twelve figures intended to represent the Liberal Arts crushed and fettered by the death of their patron.

Bust is made from resin and crushed stone, smooth speckle tone appearance. Measures 12.75 in H x 14.75 in W x 7.75 in D. Weighs approx. 5 - 7 lbs.

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