Wedding Ring Never Ending Love Couple Hugging Statue by Lipman-Wulf, Assorted Sizes

PN# 4756_16Z
  • $195.00 USD

The circle of the wedding ring symbolizes never-ending love. The artist Peter Lipman-Wulf interpreted this ring in his statue from 1953 as the never-ending circular union created when two lovers embrace. Wedding Ring Sculpture showing two lovers embracing

His art resume includes a 2 1/2 year apprenticeship in woodcarving in Bavaria, art training at the Kunstgewerbe Museum School and the State Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, and art prizes at the Prussian State Competition and the Exposition Mondiale in Paris. Since 1947, Lipman-Wulf has made his home in New York. He has become an American citizen and teachers, after similar assignments in other schools, at Adelphi University, Long Island.

Licensed reproduction of Lipman-Wulf's Wedding Ring sculpture, made from crushed stone and resin, finished in green over bronze color, black base.

Two sizes:

  • Small 12 in H, 3 lbs est. PN 4756_12Z. Black Base.
  • Large 16 in H x 4.25 in W x 4.25 in D. 7 lbs. PN 4756_16Z. Black Marble Base.

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