Aphrodite Kallipygos Raising Peplos Greek Statue 15.5H

PN# G-040SM
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Aphrodite Kallipygos Raising Peplos is a type of nude female statue from the Late Greek Hellenistic era which translates as "Aphrodite of the Beautiful Bottom" (also known as Callipygian Venus or Venus Kallipygos). It depicts a woman raising her peplos to reveal her hips and buttocks. As she makes this gesture, she turns and looks over her shoulder to take a look. The Goddess of Love invites the viewer in to gaze at her and thus invokes her powers of attraction and desire. As part of the Hellenistic era, it is a further example of how inventive the sculptors were at using gesture to add naturalism to their subjects.

Museum adaptation sculpture made from bonded stone, black marble base, and measures 15.5 in H x 5 in L x 4 in W. Weight 6 lbs. (G-040SM)

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