Historic Table Bases | Frequently Asked Questions

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Museumize your Home or Office,
Classical Home Decor Begins with a Great Architectural Table Base

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We are pleased to offer these historic table bases designed to be used with a glass table top which are handmade here in the USA based on your color preference. The process involves multiple stages, a curing time, and careful packaging. The process cannot be rushed. Typically, the tables bases ship in 3-5 weeks. They go into a production queue and are finished as scheduling and manufacturing allow. We will not be able to give you an exact delivery date unless you preorder the item 6 weeks in advance and we make special arrangements with the shipping carrier.

We have sold many table bases to customers all across the US. The typical reaction is how much the bases excedes their expectation. They are interior design quality made from reinforced plaster with hemp. They are suitable for indoor use on a stable surface and will hold up well for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you rush ship a table base? No, the items are handmade upon receipt of your order and require adequate production, curing, and packing.

When will by Table Base arrive? Typically 3-5 weeks.

How will the table base ship? If it can ship via Fedex or UPS ground based on size restrictions, we will send it this way. However, most of the bases require shipment via truck. The freight company will call first if delivering to a residential address to make an appointment. The delivery will be curbside. 

Can I have a white glove inside delivery? Due to the wide variety of destinations in the US and the different freight companies we use which have different union labor laws and requirement, we cannot guarantee a smooth inside delivery. We find it best not to offer this. So no, we do not offer white glove inside delivery.

Can I save money on shipping? Most of our customers have their table base delivered to a residential address. Freight companies charge a surcharge for residential deliveries. Our shipping price already includes this surcharge. If you will be having it delivered to a commercial address in a commercial zone as per freight zoning charts, then we can waive this surcharge. We automatically reduce freight charges to you if at all possible as based on the final charges billed by the freight company.

What thickness of glass should I use? We recommend 1/2" to 3/4" thick within the size ranges given for each base. The table bases are tested for this weight.

Can I use granite or sandstone? Most of the table bases do not have enough reinforcement for this much weight. We offer a couple of bases in the "heavyweight" section for granite table tops.

What colors do the table bases come in?
Pick a table base finish to match your home decor from the below choices. When ordering, specify the color. We strive to make sure each finish matches the colors illustrated here; however, because every piece is handmade and hand-finished, colors will vary.

corinthian oval table base white finish 
A natural white finish. An almost pristine contemporary look. Illustrated here on our Corinthian Oval Table Base with Floral Relief on Top.

classic fluted column console base 
White with Grey Wash:
Natural white with a strong grey wash. Close to a two-tone stone appearance. Illustrated here on our Classic Fluted Column Console Base.

corinthian with swag table base museum white finish 
Museum White:
Natural white with a soft and subtle ochre wash. Pleasing to the eye. Illustrated here on our Corinthian with Swag Table Base.

corinthian cocktail table base ochre with white wash 
Ochre with White Wash:
Base color sandy buff to a pine tone. The white wash creates a "pickled" appearance and highlights detail. A very neutral color. Illustrated here on our Corinthian Cocktail Table Base.

textured pillar table base in ochre with grey wash finish 
Ochre with Grey Wash:
Base color sandy buff to a pine tone. The grey wash creates an authentic "aged" appearance. Warm, rustic and ancient. Illustrated here on our Textured Pillar Table Base.


corinthian with swag table base in vintage faux finish

Vintage Faux:
A warm brown with a grey wash. The overall color approximates wood which is enhanced by the wash and defines the crevices. Illustrated here on our Corinthian with Swag Table Base.


double dolphin console in madrid finish

A black finish made dusty by a grey wash and enhanced with gold details. It gives an impression of old world style with its off black color. Illustrated here on our Double Dolphin Console Base.


Here is a diagram indicating how many people can sit around each size and shape of glass table top for your home or office environment.

glass sizes for chairs around a table recommended number of chairs chart