Lemon Aromatherapy Grade Essential Fragrance Oils by Flaires 15ml

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Lemon (Limon) Aromatherapy Essential Oil is extracted by cold pressing the fruit peel. Lemon essential oil, like other citrus oils are best keep in the refrigerator. In perfumery lemon oil is a fundamental component of cologne. Therapy is used in cases of influenza with fever, by washing with one or two drops of essential oil. In cases of sore throat, hoarseness, use in gargles with salt and water. It also calms the itching of insect bites.

These oils have the highest purity and come from the plants with the highest medicinal value. Elegant gift box. 15ml bottles (0.5oz).
Plant Name: Citrus limonum
Origin: Lemon peel
Method: Expression
USE: Bath: 10 drops in water, bathe for 10-20 minutes. Or Massage: Dilute 4% with a 96% base oil.

Warning: Don't leave within reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous areas. Do not use on skin before exposure to the sun as it contains ingredients that can react with ultraviolet rays and cause skin irritation. And avoid prolonged use in case of low blood pressure. Due to natural allergens, approval from an aromatherapy professional or doctor should be acquired before use.

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