Viking Drakkar Longship Model Boat Cream Sail 10H x 12L

PN# OM-B318
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This ancient Viking Longship model is simple, but stunning! It is a replica of the Drakkar Viking long boat, a classic boat used by the Vikings between 7th and 10th century. It looks and feels like a miniature boat able to traverse the open seas.

This 12-inch model is handcrafted using quality woods from scratch by master artisans. Each model takes hours to construct and undergoes a demanding quality-control process. Among the details of this boat model: lines of shields along 2 sides of boats, many wooden oars, colorful Viking sail, brass nameplate, and stand. The boat size makes it perfect for decorating a desk, table, shelf, or by a fireplace.

Made from wood. Measures 12 in L x 7.5 in W x 10 in H. PN OM-B318

The Drakkar, or Viking Longships, were the long, narrow and very flexible vessels used by the Vikings for trade, exploration, and warfare. The Longships had symmetrical ends and a maximal speed of around 15 knots, and they were also called "dragonships" because they often had a dragon-shaped bow or other magical beings carved on it. The Longships had been the symbol of the Vikings naval power for a long time, ranging in the North and Baltic Sea and even far from their Scandinavian homelands: to Iceland, Greenland, Northern America and the Mediterranean!

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