Alexander the Great Coin Replica Pierced Drop Dangle Earrings, Gold

PN# 6349
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The coin motif is a replica of a Greek Drachma (ca 330 BC) issued by Alexander the Great, the great Macedonian king. It is here interpreted as coin-shaped earrings for the art history lover in your household. The portrait is easily recognizable from Greek Hellenistic history for its wide forehead, well defined features, and wavy hair. His idealized face inspired later Roman military leaders like Julius Caesar and Augustus who modeled their portraiture after his.

Greek wire pierced earrings are made from 24 Karat antique gold-plate over pewter with gold-filled ear-wires. Coin is 1 inch diameter.( PN 6349)

About Alexander the Great: As the King of Macedonia, and the son of Philip II, Alexander the Great entered Asia Minor in 334 BC. Within a short time, he defeated the Persian king, conquered the Persian Empire, and mastered the known world from Macedonia in the north to Egypt in the south, and from the Aegean to Afghanistan. In art, Alexander the Great favored the style of Greek art and chose it as the defining statement of his empire's expanding borders.

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