Angel of Prosperity Two-Sided Pendant Pewter Unisex Charm Necklace 1.1L

PN# PNG-505
  • $12.95 USD

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In this pendant, the Angel is busily flying around looking for ways to help you prosper. Her wings are outstretched and her arms give instructions. The charm is two-sided.

The Angel of Prosperity is an Angel who tries to bring out each person's maximum potential. Her wisdom lies in seeing that people's best chance for prosperity lies in using their gifts to the fullest. So she uses her power to try to keep our eyes open to ways we can get things done; our personal power. To prosper, she whispers, you must act. To her, prosperity is measured by gains, although sometimes money, they are not at the expense of causing suffering to others.

  • Angel of Peace Charm Pendant comes on Legend Card with a 33 inch long cord.
  • Made from fine pewter, lead free. Measures 1.1 in H x 3/4 in W x 1/4 in thick.
  • PN PNG-505.
  • Part of the Angels Pendant Jewelry Collection.
  • As a two-sided charm, it would be lovely on a charm bracelet too.

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