Egyptian Ankh Pendant with Chain Unisex Necklace

PN# 6536Z
  • $52.00 USD

The ankh is recognized as an emblem of Ancient Egypt. The theory is that it combines the male and female symbols of Osiris (the T-cross) and Isis (the oval) and signifies the union of heaven and earth. It represents life and immortality, and is often depicted as being carried by the gods. This ankh pendant inspired by a mirror case is in the form of an ankh, sign of life. PN 6536Z

In ancient Egypt, many Egyptian works of art were designed to be read in hieroglyph symbolic language, in order to provide the underlying message, which was an essential part of the composition. In 1922, the tomb of the Egyptian King Tut of the 18th Dynasty was discovered. The funerary objects found in the tomb brought a new light on the art and life of ancient Egypt. Only Kings, Queens and Gods were allowed to carry this symbol. 

Egyptian Ankh Necklace with pendent and chain is made from 24k antique gold plate over pewter. The chain is 18 in L and the ankh measures 2 in H x 3/4 in W.

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