Etruscan Janus Double-Headed Unisex Bracelet Gold or Silver Plate

PN# 7883-Gold
  • $52.00 USD

This bracelet illustrate Janus, the double-headed god of beginnings and guardian of doors from ancient Etruscan and Roman religion. Invite good events into your life by wearing the protection of Janus on your wrist.

This is very good quality costume jewelry with nice weight and excellent details. Janus Double Head Bracelet, Roman Etruscan has a 7.5 inch chain with circular medallion of Janus measuring 0.85 inch diameter.

Available finishes: gold-plate over pewter or silver-plate over pewter. 

Janus from Etruscan and Roman Religion: Janus is represented by two heads back to back, each looking in opposite directions. Janus was regarded in ancient Etruscan and Roman religion as a god who served as the custodian of the Universe, god of all beginnings, and the guardian of gates and doors. He signified the tradition between primitive life and civilization, and maintained the balance between peace and war and youth and old age. The month of January is named after him. His festival, the Agonium, took place on January 9.

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