Museumize:Feng Shui Fire (Fuego) Mythos Orange Cinnamon Essential Oils  - L-218

Feng Shui Fire (Fuego) Mythos Orange Cinnamon Essential Fragrance Oils by Flaires

PN# L-218
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Feng Shui Fire Essence Fragrance Oil is a spicy citrus scent where the essence of orange is combined with the best cinnamon stick (not leaves) of Ceylon.

Top quality. Our essential oils are premium essences to be burnt. Our essential oils deliver positive benefits to the body through smell or direct absorption into the skin via a high dilution (2-3% essential oil to 98-97% base oil). Their primary use is as an ambiance fragrance. Made by the Flaires brand from Spain. Premium European quality. Made of Isopropil Myristate and perfumes. 15ml (1/2oz) bottles. Packaged in a gift box.

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