Museumize:Hathor Egyptian Goddess Pewter Unisex Pendant Necklace 1L,Pewter

Hathor Egyptian Goddess Pewter Unisex Pendant Necklace 1L

PN# ETM-535
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This Hathor Pendant illustrates the Egyptian goddess as a woman wearing a traditional Egyptian headdress.

  • Made from pewter and measures 1 in L x 7/8 in W x 1/8 in thick.
  • It comes on a legend card with a 33 in long cord which can be customized to any length. (PN ETM-535)
  • Suitable for a man or woman. 

Hathor is an Ancient Egyptian Goddess. She could be shown in human form, as in this pendant, to represent her as the goddess of love, beauty and music; or as a cow to represent her role as the goddess of fertility. She is also sometimes shown as a lioness, Sekhmet, and in a celestial form, Nuit. Her Celestial form arches over the Earth, protecting it and nurturing its many children. Here she plays the role of a goddess of healing, and is often associated with Horus, the Lord of the Sky and Ra, the Sun God. She was most popular, however, as a goddess of love, beauty, music, dance and sensuality.

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