Museumize:Magnolia From Virginia Jasmine Mythos Incense - F-036 - 3 PACK

Magnolia Flowers From Virginia North American Indian Incense Sticks by Flaires - 3 PACK

PN# F-036
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By Flaires, Magnolia from Virginia North American Indian Incense Sticks tells the story of the plains of Virginia and the ever present magnolia flower. Virginia was one of the areas of the USA to be established with North American tribes, plantations, tobacco, and vegetation.

  • Primary Olfactory Family: Floral.
  • Components: Magnolia, jasmine.
  • Esoteric Use: remove resentments.
  • Long burning time (no less than 50 minutes) and long lasting.
  • Premium quality. All natural.
  • Made in Spain by Flaires (PN F-036)
  • 3 packs of 16 sticks = 48 sticks.

Part of the Mythos Collection of ancient formulas found in history from many countries around the world.

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