Saber Tooth Cat Prehistoric Skull Replica with Stand 12H, Assorted Colors

PN# 5096AW
  • $389.00 USD

Although Smilodon californicus (Saber Tooth Cat) has been extinct for about 12,000 years, it is still widely recognized as a symbol of power and beauty. A Saber Tooth Tiger's strength combined with its two lethal sabers made it a fearsome predator. Living alongside the American Lion, one can only imagine the fierce competition for food between these two animals. Attached to an oak wood base, this replica skull is posed in the attack position.

The original is in the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.

Made from compound stone with a hand-painted finish to replicate the most minute details, stand, 12 in H x 8 in W x 13 in L. Weighs approx. 12 lbs. PN 5096

Available colors:

  • antique white
  • tar pit (dark brown and looks like it was just pulled from a tar pit archaeological site)

NOTE: plate on wood base is not included.

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