Spiral Goddess Figurine Statue for Personal Altar 8H

Spiral Goddess Figurine Statue for Personal Altar 8H

PN# T122200
  • $19.95 USD

Spiral Goddess Statue is the perfect size placed next to your altar with perfumes and potions. She will remind you of the power of your inner spiritual beauty.

  • Spiral Goddess Figurine is made from resin with an antique finish. PN T122200.
  • Measures 8 in H x 3.5 in W x 2 in D. Weighs approx 0.75 lbs.

The Spiral is a symbol of the upward development of the human spirit. The Woman with her hands above her head stands for the act of drawing down energy from the cosmos above, especially the moon and the stars. Together, these two powerful symbols evoke the feeling of a prayer to the eternal feminine powers that reside in the heavens over head: a prayer that one's spiritual potential be realized, and that one should be an instrument of nurturing and healing, of help to the whole of one's people.

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