Theodore Roosevelt American President Bust, Assorted Sizes and Finishes

PN# 712W
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The Theodore Roosevelt American President Bust is a portrayal of the rugged individualist, environmentalist, author, and lecturer who was the 26th American President of the United States. This sculpture is a reproduction of the original piece by Gleb Derujinsky. Theodore Roosevelt, our 26th president, is known for for being a Rough Rider and a teddy bear. He was the first president to ride in a car, a submarine, an airplane, a subway train, and a camel. He won the Nobel Peace prize and swam naked in the Potomac River. He worked tirelessly to conserve land and his legacy lives on in every national park he helped create.

Statue replica of Presidential Portrait Bust of US President Teddy Roosevelt is made from crushed stone and resin.

Available in Assorted Sizes and Finishes

  • Small: 10.5 in H x 5 in W x 4 in D, bronze finish (712B) or antique white (712W)
  • Large20.5 in H x 12 in W x 9 in D (approx. 75% lifesize), bronze finish (714B)

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