Museumize:Winged Dragon Holding Long Crystal Fantasy Pewter Pendant Necklace,Aqua Aura

Winged Dragon Holding Long Crystal Fantasy Pewter Pendant Necklace

PN# CRY-523
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The Winged Dragon on this pendant necklace flies through the air while grasping a crystal stone. He holds it safely in his claws and long tail. If you'll be dressing up as a medieval warrior knight for halloween, add this necklace to show everyone that you intend to confront the dragon in the castle and save the princess!

The crystal is Aqua Aura which soothes and relaxes our emotions. It draws in serene energy to us, while diverting away stressful ones away.

  • Pendant measures 2 1/8 in L x 1 1/8 in W x 3/8 in thick.
  • Made out of Fine Pewter. (PN CRY-523)
  • Pendant comes on a legend card with a 33 inch long black cord
  • Part of the Fantasy Dragon and Crystal Collection.

About Dragons: Legend holds that the winged Dragons of the British Isles were shy creatures; suspicious of humans, and given to solitude. They breathed fire, and could transfix a person through the power of their gaze. They were also greedy, amassing huge piles of wealth, which they never used, except as a bed. Dragons were always knowledgeable, being long-lived, and having excellent memories. If you could get a dragon to talk to you, it was said, they could tell you of all the ancient races and their histories.

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