Halloween Inspired Wedding | Day of the Dead Wedding Cake Topper

Posted by Nina Christensen on

Love Never Dies with a Day of the Dead wedding cake topper. Calling all ghouls and witches -- is it time to get hitched? From our Day of the Dead skulls collection, one of the favorite statues is PN 8099 -- Love Never Dies.
The Bride and Groom stand arm and arm in a cemetery with a headstone that reads "Love Never Dies". In this romantic setting, the bride and groom are ready to say their vows. Dressed for their marriage on dia de los muertos, the groom is wearing a worn out black suite with red trim on his hat. The bride is dressed in a traditional white wedding dress with red flowers on her veil. The groom is holding red roses and swooping in for a kiss. The size and proportions of this skeleton statue would make it a lovely choice as a wedding cake topper for those inclined to honor their past families on their marriage day.
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