Museumize:Wily as a Fox Wildlife Cufflinks - 7827

Wily as a Fox Wildlife Cufflinks

PN# 7827
  • $39.00 USD

The fox is known as a cunning, wily animal which can be mischievous in fairy tales. Think...Three Little Pigs. Do you know someone who is "wily as a fox"? Send them a pair of Fox Wildlife Cufflinks to wear as their signature accessory. Also, if your gift recipient is a "Hot Fox", these are an appropriate comment about their "foxiness"! Our fine quality costume jewelry cuffs are part of our Wildlife Collection, inspired by animals living in the wild state.

Wily as a Fox Wildlife Cufflinks are made from 24 Karat antique gold over pewter and brass. Each measures 0.6 inch x 0.6 inch.

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